Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Serving Tray for Mom's Birthday

Today is my Mom's 73rd Birthday. She loves gifts made by me, my children, and pretty much anybody close to her. And, usually for Christmas I give her and my sister (who lives north of me) my latest DIY passion. So, for her birthday, I put together a PHOTO SERVING TRAY, complete with a few collages of my latest photos and pictures of her grandchildren. It cost me more to send it than it did to make it because like always, I waited to the last minute to ship it. :-) I purchased the Photo Serving Tray at Barnes & Noble on a super discount (around $7---originally $30), and the pictures came from Walgreens for less than .19 a picture. BTW, my MOM LOVED IT! It arrived yesterday, and she called me last night....all smiles. I realize that the pictures are a little busy looking, but I was not shooting for a professional product to sell. I was shooting for a DIY gift that my Mom would love and she did. :-) This makes a great gift, and is easy and fast.

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